Antibody Testing Update

The City of New York will offer free antibody tests to 70,000 New Yorkers. 1,000 tests will be given at each site every day by appointment only. Five sites have been selected to perform these tests:

    1. · Bronx: Morrisania- 4006 Third Avenue

    2. · Brooklyn: East NY - 127 Pennsylvania Avenue

    3. · Manhattan: Upper Manhattan - 21 Old Broadway

    4. · Staten Island: Concord - St. John’s Villa 57 Cleveland Place

    5. · Queens: Long Island City - 34-09 Queens Boulevard

      You can make an appointment through If you DO NOT have internet access, please call 888-279-0967.

Expanded COVID-19 Testing

New Yorkers will now be eligible to receive a COVID-19 test if they have:

·         COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of age, chronic conditions or occupation

·         Come in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient, regardless of symptoms

·         Work in a congregate residential setting (nursing home, shelter, or adult care facility), regardless of symptoms

Visit in a new browser tab to find a community testing site near you.

The City will double its testing capacity at NYC Health + Hospitals and will open 12 new testing sites by May 25. Beginning the week of May 18, 2 new COVID-19 testing sites will be open.